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Social Media Marketing Services

ETP Film & Media is a premier digital marketing agency in Northeast Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Northwest Ohio. We understand the importance and how effective social media marketing is for a business. ETP Film & Media offers custom budget for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and more to keep your business interacting with customers. We also implement Facebook ads using creative advertising techniques that are proven to work!

Please contact ETP Film & Media today to schedule a FREE consultation and to see how we can help you begin receiving a better social media presence and more customers using social platforms!


Facebook is a must have for all businesses. Over 2 billion Facebook users in the world and an endless amount of opportunity. ETP Film & Media target customers in specific regions and specific personalities in order to drive more traffic to your store, business, website, etc. We are able to customize all ads to fit any budget. 


ETP Film & Media loves using YouTube and can be used as a great platform to store promotional videos, television commercials, and other video related media. YouTube management is an included service with all of our website design customers. We believe it is important since it is the 2nd most used search engine in existence. 

For additional information regarding our social media and digital marketing services and strategies, please use the below link to our contact form or please feel free to contact us directly by calling 260.213.1303. Consultations are FREE!

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