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About ETP Film & Media

ETP Film & Media was established in 2016 as Eric Trabert Productions with a goal to offer small business owners a means to promotional videos and television commercials without having to spend an “arm and a leg”. We continue to strive to offer the highest quality and most affordable videos in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. We quickly realized that many business owners wanted promotional videos and other video marketing material for their websites. With our background being in media and advertising, we decided to add photography and website design to our list of services. Since then, we have helped multiple business owners compete with large “big box” stores and be successful within their communities. In 2019, Eric Trabert Productions revised their name to ETP Film & Media to better represent their services that they offer.

Eric Trabert, Sole Proprietor of ETP Film & Media, has an extensive background within the business industry. Growing up on a large farm in Northern Indiana and graduating Ball State University with a Business Administration Degree, Eric understands how to market a small business by using video production, photography, and a website as the foundation of any online marketing campaign. Eric also studied statistics and information systems while attending Ball State University. He has the ability to use data to grow a business.

ETP Film & Media offers several services, both commercially and for consumers. We offer video production, photography, and website design. Our promise to our customers is that we will always offer you our highest of quality along with keeping our pricing affordable.

Contact Eric Trabert at ETP Film & Media today if you have any questions or would like setup a meeting.


Eric Trabert

Video Producer, Photographer & Web Developer

Eric founded ETP Film & Media in 2016 where he wanted to offer high quality but affordable video production and digital media services to small to medium size businesses. Eric became very interested in video production while attending Columbia City High School. Upon graduation, he attended Ball State University where he earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Eric understands business very well and has a passion to help small business owners compete with corporations. He believes that any business owner can be successful when partnering with ETP Film & Media.

Services Provided by ETP Film & Media

  • Aerial Photo & Video via DJI Drone

  • 360 Degree Virtual Tours

  • Small Business Commercials

  • Organization & Non Profit Promotional Videos

  • Business Promotional Videos

  • Music & Dance Performance Videos

  • Special Event Photography & Videography

  • Interviews

  • Demonstrational & Tutorial Videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Real Estate Preview Videos

  • Video Editing

  • Website Design & Landing Pages

  • SEO and Keywords

  • Logo Design

  • Portrait Photography

  • Senior Pictures

  • Product Photography

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Wedding Videography

If your needs are not listed above, please contact us to see if we can still help!

Call Today!


ETP Film  & Media films at least in 1080p Full HD resolution and can film as high as 2.7k and 4K Ultra HD resolution! Depending on the type of footage, we will shoot in 240 fps, 120 fps, 60 fps, 30 fps, and 24 fps.

We use high-end video equipment & software made by Sony for all of our video productions. ETP Film & Media strives to produce high quality productions to all of our clients and at any budget.

Videographer, Photographer, Website Designer Indiana Michigan Ohio

ETP Film & Media happily serves a 100 mile radius from Angola, Indiana. We will travel to any city or town within the radius shown. The radius includes, but is not limited to, cities and towns such as Fort Wayne Indiana, South Bend Indiana, Elkhart Indiana, Toledo Ohio, Lima Ohio, Angola Indiana, Battle Creek MichiganKalamazoo Michigan, Lansing Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, and everywhere in between! 

Exceptions may be made for certain circumstances. Please contact Eric Trabert if you are outside of this radius.

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