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The Secrets to a Successful Website

Let's face it. Most people know how to search for products and services on Google but not many actually understand why certain businesses and products are ranked higher than others. In fact, that doesn't even cross through the consumer's mind. They subconsciously click on one of the top 3 listings provided without much thought whatsoever. The question you should ask yourself is how can you become ranked in the top 3? Well, this article will explain to you exactly why your business is or is not ranked high on search engines!

Time and time again, we see websites that look great but perform very poorly. – Not our client’s websites, of course. Instead, most of the time, we see these type of websites from large web development companies or oversea web designers and also, almost all of the time, from individuals that design and develop their own website to save a little money.

It is totally fine and understandable if someone is trying to save money by designing their own website but what they do not realize is that they are preventing themselves from utilizing online tools the best ways possible. You must keep in mind that a “good looking” website is only a small part of a successful online branding campaign. For example, you could design the most beautiful website in existence but not a whole lot of people will ever see it unless you can utilize other online tools that take a lot more time and expertise to understand and learn.

I, myself, dedicated over 8 years to learn the ins and outs of how a website can perform the best, how to get businesses ranked very high on search engines, and how to implement new strategies by using the data that we collect from site visitors. Please, go ahead, check out our current client's websites. More likely than not, they are ranked in the top 3 on Google listings (aka Google Maps) or the first page on search engine results.

The real problem in the website development industry is that there are a lot of scammers and salespeople that do not actually know what they are selling or how a website is supposed to work. – They are usually some 50+ year-old man that barely understands how to use their smartphone let alone the complex software and knowledge needed to develop a website. We see this all of the time with large corporations and other large web development companies. Sure, if you have a large e-commerce website that sells millions of dollars worth of products online each year then I am sure there is a large web development company that would be beneficial to you but if you are part of the 99.7% of business owners that would fall in the market size of small to medium, then it would be unrealistic to pay $1,000-$2,000/month for a website. – May as well burn your money.

The honest truth when it comes to the majority of business owners and their websites is that you must find a web developer that you trust and can prove to you that their websites perform well. At ETP Film & Media, we analyze all of our customer’s analytics along with offer recommendations to our customers of what we believe would help improve their branding and online visibility. Most of our clients see a return on their investments (ROI) of more than 1000% and we are proud of that fact!

Key points to remember when it comes to a successful website is that (1) when done right, it can change your life overnight – literally – and we have done that for a number of our customers. (2) Always hire a website developer/designer that looks out for your best interest and can prove favorable performance, even if it is an additional cost to your business. A website should make you a lot more money than what you actually pay for its service. Finally, (3) it is better to spend $2,500 or so per year to hire a web developer and make $25,000-$100,000+ in return than spend a few hundred making a website yourself and seeing a couple of thousand dollars in return or possibly lose money.

If you have any questions regarding your website or would like some tips on how to better market your small to medium size business online then please contact Eric Trabert at ETP Film & Media by emailing him at or please feel free to visit ETP Film & Media’s website at


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