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How-To & Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

Congratulations on your engagement!

Saying YES is a big deal for most women. It is the start of a new beginning with your partner. It also is a start to implementing your dream wedding ideas into a reality. You know, that special wedding that you have dreamed of since you were a little girl! Yes, that day is coming up and it will arrive quicker than you think.

So, you have your venue booked, photographer picked out, and DJ ready to spin some tunes. What else could you possibly be missing? Many brides are “on the fence” about hiring a videographer. They worry about the additional cost, quality of the video, will the photographer work well with the videographer? All of these questions and concerns are totally normal and we, ETP Film & Media, have been asked these questions by almost all of our brides that we have filmed for. These are all great questions and I will go ahead and answers those for you now!


Yes, hiring a videographer is an additional cost and we recommend that you budget a certain amount for a videographer to film your special day. It could be as low as $1,000 or as high as $10,000. Whatever the cost is, it is always a great idea to fit a wedding videographer within your budget when you are in the planning stages of your wedding. Budgeting will also help reduce the stresses of planning! – Now, that's a Win-Win!


Time and time again, we hear about bride’s that absolutely hate their wedding video. In fact, we have heard the horror stories of brides being too embarrassed to share their wedding video due to that the quality was poor or the editing was sub-par. At ETP Film & Media, we understand the importance to high quality wedding films and we continue to work on improving our skills along with improving our editing style to be able to always provide the highest quality of wedding films possible. We like to tell a story about your day and create an accurate depiction of how the day went so that you and your fiancé can reflect back on your special day for decades to come!


This is probably the most asked question by brides and grooms. It is a legitimate concern as well. Our experience with working with photographers have been great! We love them! We tend to work very closely with them and collaborate to come up with the best ideas for photos and video. 99% of the time, we work great with the photographer and even become friends with most of them afterwards! To assure that the photographer and videographer work well together, it is crucial to make sure to hire a professional photographer and a professional videographer. When I say professional, I mean a REAL professional and not John or Jane Doe that has entry level gear and hasn’t filmed or photographed a wedding before. – We all have witnessed these type of “photographers & videographers”. The difference between a professional and amateur videographer is that a professional has experience. We can adapt and hold our composer to any situation throughout the day since we have done and seen pretty much everything before. We also have all of the right equipment for any scenario throughout the day. Trust us, when 2 professionals are working together, you will not have any issues at all.


Wedding videography is becoming a must have in the modern American wedding. It makes complete sense since video and photo are completely different. Sure, they are often done with similar cameras, but the skill and sensations are completely different when comparing a film to a photo. At ETP Film & Media, we strive to trigger the viewer’s senses. What we mean by that is we like to produce films that create emotion. Ever heard of “happy tears”? We like to re-create the wedding day to show the excitement, anticipation, and emotions that both the bride and groom have throughout the day. We do this by providing quality shots by using movement (lots of movement), sound, such as audio from speeches or notes along with music, and by providing high quality shots of the most important parts of the day. There is a lot that goes into producing a wedding film and ETP Film & Media plans thoroughly to assure that we produce the highest quality wedding films possible and, when done right, you will have “happy tears” afterwards!

If you have any questions or would like to book ETP Film & Media for your wedding day, then please feel free to contact Eric Trabert at


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